srvision 2019


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About srvision:

srvision is being organized by a group of volunteers from the special interest group Management and Service Management.

It is our goal for each year to put together a motivating and inspiring program for all interested in the field of Service Management and other stake holders within IT and Business to collect new ideas/concepts and to learn by sharing stories and experiences.

srvision is a non-commercial event which is passionately prepared by volunteers who made their way in this compelling branch in IT. And every year we are successful in attracking hundreds of colleagues by offering a diverse program.

About the theme:

The theme for this year’s joint event will be Service Resilience. A supplier of video streaming services suffered from an 8-hour service interruption, which impacted approx. 20 million users. A global bank experienced a series of severe delays and unavailability of their website, which prevented 29 million customers from using any banking services in their online environment.

How can we solve this? Which strategies can help us to prevent these events from happening, or restore our services as quick as possible? By focussing on detection, analysis, learning and resolution, thereby enhancing resilience, service providers can reduce  the impact of costly service interruptions. However, resilience is more than just error recovery. It is also about continuous learning and improvement. On self-healing services. And on distribution and automation of responsibilities, workflows, contracts and decision making, by applying principles and instruments from relevant themes such as Blockchain, DevOps or machine learning.

About the location:

Kinepolis is a new and large cinema in the center of Utrecht and is attached to the Jaarbeurs. It can be reached easily by public transportation and car. The walking distance from Utrecht Central is max 10 minutes. We encourage every attendee to travel to our event location by train.

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