Op donderdag 23 maart 2017 werd de jaarlijkse Service Manager Dag gehouden. Onderstaand het programma van die dag.

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08:30 - 09:00 Registratie

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09:00 - 09:10 Opening dagvoorzitter Mark Smalley

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09:10 - 09:30 Keynote 1: Niels Loader - Service managers of the world, get ready for major change

This presentation is a short Keynote (20 minutes) to set the scene. The role of Service Manager is fast approaching a crossroad of which at least one turn-off leads to a very high cliff. That turn-off is ‘continue doing what we have always done’. This presentation describes the problem that other presenters will deal with throughout the rest of the day. Niels will give his take on the possibilities for Service Managers in the new world.


09:30 - 10:10 Keynote 2: Mike Orzen (The Hardest Lesson – Continuous Learning)

Mike will share his views on the two elements of invisibility: the work of IT and behavior of people, teams, departments, and organizations. This will include the relationship between ITSM, Agile, DevOps & Lean. Mike will also talk about 2 models with two pillars: production and management systems + Continuous Improvement and Respect for People, and revisit the pivotal role of learning and what it is essential as we move forward with DevOps while maintaining the discipline of Service Mgt.

Download presentation here:Orzen SMD 2017 – The Hardest Lesson share

10:10 - 10:50 Keynote 3: Rini van Solingen (The Responsive Enterprise)

Our society is changing and accelerating. It used to take years for a product to achieve its break-through, but nowadays it takes no more than a single day for some apps to reach a million downloads. And even this process can still be accelerated. From days into hours, minutes; maybe even into seconds.
How does your organization cope with this acceleration? How do you stay in control in this fast changing world? How do you manage? How do you prevent total chaos? Or worse: how do you prevent complete paralysis? Rini will share his views on how responsive enterprises deal with these dynamic environments. 

Download presentation here: SMD2017_Keynote_20170327

10:50 - 11:10 Ochtend pauze

Koffie, Thee en koekjes op de beursvloer. Bezoek de stands van de sponsoren die deze dag ook mede mogelijk maken.

 Stream 1
Stream 2
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Stream 6
11:10-11:50The road to Siam thVan A naar B(eter): Agile & ITIL werken samen @ Rijkswaterstaat IV Infra Mental Agility Creating smart city for a smart service in Amsterdam Help! Pop-up én in control, hoe doe ik dat? You can’t solve complex problems alone in the future, now what?th/
Martin Goble (TCS)
Gerard Wouters (Fencer-IT), Stephen Ley (Joost-IT), Henk Kroeskamp (RWS)Kees Gabriels
Theo Veltman (Gemeente Amsterdam)Wim Hoving (Servitect)Martijn Maas (Co-Think)
12:00-12:40Influence on trust & contracts on sourcing constructs thService Desk 2.0 - Value and collaboration thPop-up gedrag (OBM) Pop-up dienstverlening, kunnen we dat wel? SIAM: live demonstration of what Service Integration and Management looks like in the real world.thReporting what your Customers want to know…not what you want to share
Benno PeperkampAale RoosRobert den BroederAad BrinkmanFloris van den Boom (ServiceNow)Jaap Germans en Richard de Boer
(Pink Elephant)
12:40 - 13:30 Lunch

Uitgeserveerd op de beursvloer

13:30 - 14:10 Keynote 4: Paul Bessems - Why blockchain will change as little as the internet, unless....

Blockchain technology is a form of organization technology. It is a very efficient coordinating mechanism for organizing supply and demand. It could disrupt traditional firms, non-transparent markets and non-efficient governments.

When blockchain technology is combined with a fundamentally new organization model, a disruptive new way of organizing our work and economy will emerge. We call it blockchain organizing. The World Economic Forum identified blockchain as one of the mega trends. Research shows that in 2025, 10% of the transactions will be stored with blockchain related technology.

With blockchain organizing you could address problems in the field of: productivity, privacy and inequality.

TijdenStream 1
Stream 2
Stream 3
Stream 4
Stream 5
Stream 6
14:20-15:00Hey, Where Has All Our IT Gone? – Embracing Digital DisruptionthPop Up Practice: Creating the SIAM Body of KnowledgethVeranderende mindset van de Service Manager Agile overheid & regisseren digitale transformatie. Becoming an High Performance IT Organization - begin with the end in mind! thBeproefd recept voor een excellente service
Mark O'Loughlin
Claire AgutterJan Buurman
Mario Kortman (Waternet)Michiel Sens (Xebia)Judith Lumbela (Topdesk)
15:10-15:50The critical link between IT projects and service delivery thIndividuals play the game, but teams beat the odds (Van je IT-organisatie Navy SEALs maken) Pop Up Human Engagement thRDW op weg naar een DevOps organisatieKanban in IT service teams IT4IT: Get ready to manage the Digital Enterprise!th
Elina PirjantiRoderick Göttgens
Simone Jo Moore
Joop Brugge, Gert Graler, John van der Laan (RDW)Marcel Schutte (Gasunie)Rob Akershoek (Logicalis SMC)
15:50-16:00 Stream wissel




16:00-16:40 Keynote 5: Björn Kuipers, team work

Björn will illustrate the importance of trust and taking responsibility in high-performance teams, where split-second decision making and ultimate teamwork are crucial in dealing with highly dynamic & volatile environments. He will elaborate on his extensive experience as a well-respected and international football referee, as well as his business experiences in retail (supermarkets).

16:40-16:50 Afsluting van het dag programma door Mark Smalley


16:50-17:30 Borrel & snacks en aanmelden avond sessie
17:30 - 17:40 Avond opening


17:40-18:20 Avond Keynote: Kaimar Karu (Axelos) - DevOps & ITSM

The view that DevOps and ITIL are in conflict has already been debunked. Yet, if DevOps is not here to replace ITIL, then what can it do for ITSM? Should it be adopted, tailored, bought, implemented, or ignored? Does it even bring something new to the table, or is it just a rehash of old ideas au poivre?

Download Presentation here: Axelos Kaimar Karu ITIL en DevOps

18:20-19:10 Diner
DROOGCABINESimone Jo Moore & Mark SmalleyThe Future of ITSM: Service Behavior workshop thBehave yourself and get more value out of relationships!

Decide for yourself what constitutes effective collaborative behaviour between business and IT people and compare this with findings from more than ten previous international workshops. Then explore the variety of factors that influence behaviour, such as values and emotions. You'll leave with better insight into the kind of behaviour that delivers business value, and how to foster it.
ZANDSTRAALCABINEChristian TijsmansThe Future of ITSM: LEGO workshop thIT Service Management has traditionally been associated mainly with ITIL. In recent years however, a lot has been changing in the ITSM world with all kinds of new approaches such as Agile, DevOps, Lean IT and Kanban influencing IT management thinking. What is ITSM today? How will it evolve in the future? In this fun and hands-on workshop, participants will explore these questions using the LEGO® SERIOUS PLAY® method, a facilitated method for communicating, thinking and problem solving.Using LEGO® bricks might seem like a strange way to communicate but participants will discover that this is a unique approach to workshops and co-creation. Make no mistake: although it is play, it is very serious business. Christian has used this method successfully with IT managers and technical staff as well as business directors, CEO’s, mayors, marketeers, VP’s of HR,... Many of them skeptical at first but enthusiastic after they experienced this unique method first-hand.
ONDERDELENDEPOTMartijn MaasProblem Solving Workshop thAssumptions, jumping to conclusions and jumping to solutions. These are the most dangerous pitfalls in solving complex problems. Learn how to avoid them! Learn how to solve complex problems by asking the right questions (none of them technical!), listening and organizing information. Experience how 6 questions are all you need to create a complete visual and causal representation of any issue. After this workshop you will understand the basics of complex problem solving and you will take a giant step towards becoming a more effective problem solver. It’s harder than you think, are you up for it?
WACHTKAMER 5Barclay RaeWhat makes a Service Professional? thThe definition and understanding of what a ‘Service Manager’ is varies significantly. This has traditionally been seen to require technical skills and knowledge of frameworks and best practices – e.g. COBIT, DevOps, ITSM/ITIL etc. The requirements for these roles are much wider than this and involve the need for Business skills, leadership, communications, management and more.

Roles and the skills needed also vary depending on the context of each different type of ‘Service Manager’ position, so it’s important to understand different definitions of ‘service’ and ‘service manager’. This workshop looks at these issues and works through some key questions – including definitions of ‘service’ and ‘service manager’ in different contexts. This will also include reference to the broad scope of competencies required as defined in the PSMF framework.
WACHTKAMER 2Roman Jouravlev and Kaimar KaruThe future of ITSM: Global Best Practice development workshopthITSM practices evolve, enriched with emerging frameworks and new stories of success and failure. What best practices are proven to work well? What is missing from the guidance available? How do established frameworks work together with the new ones? How do ITSM practices apply outside IT; what non-IT practices are likely to be adopted by ITSM practitioners? Let’s talk about ITSM practices in five years’ time with AXELOS product development team! A great chance to find out what’s going on in “the ITIL Castle” and to participate in the Global Best Practice development.
20:40-21:20 Avond Keynote Stephen Mann -The Five Key Things ITSM Professionals Need to Get Right in 2017

ITIL is now the same age as Jim Morrison, Jimi Hendrix, and Kurt Cobain were when they shuffled off this mortal coil. And in its 27 years and four incarnations, ITIL has made a huge difference to the professionalism of IT pros and the performance of the organizations they work for. It’s still relevant in 2017, no matter how much or little of it organizations use, but what else do ITSM pros need to do to meet the growing demands and expectations of their employers and business colleagues in 2017 and beyond?
This presentation:
• Looks at the current ITSM ecosystem from an outside-in perspective;
• Highlights the key forces that are affecting the ITSM ecosystem and its constituents;
• Articulates the five key trends that will shape the future of ITSM (and service management per se); and
• Offers practical advice for employing the five trends to improve service delivery and support.

Download Presentation here:

21.20-22:00: Wrapup and drinks

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